All Rise with Better Software.

Welcome to Ascendiam (TM), a hobby site that's used to explore responsive web development, full-screen video (delivered via a free CDN), and software as a service features. You are viewing version 0.1 of this site.

Plan of Record, V0.1

Within the Web Apps navigation tab you'll find links to responsive pages that are web applications. After some research I will write code to do several things, like

    Define a custom database, build it with open source software, then populate it with data called from cloud service APIs;
    Mock up an ecommerce product selection shopping page;
    Present survey questions, capture user answers, and present survey insights.
    Add banner advertising to one or more pages on this site.
    Summarize traffic to and through this site (GA tags) and measure the performance of on-site advertising (AdWords).
    Link to a short live video that was shot at the 2019 MLS final using an iPhone 6Plus.

One More Thing

This site will evolve. So, check back soon. I hope to have more to show than simple code clean ups via (e.g. html validation and CSS linter validation).

And, thanks for visiting